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Within Temptation Reveals "Pre-Show Rituals" In New Digital Tour Bus Episode

In a new Digital Tour Bus episode symphonic metalers of Within Temptation reveal what they do before they take the stage, while on their recent North American tour.

Check it out below.

In a recent interview vocalist Sharon den Adel stated about the band's plans for 2015:

"It is going to be a very busy year. We will do a theater tour and a lot of summer festivals in Europe and we are hoping to come back to America to play places we did not get to last year. And we're writing new music at the same time. It is looking to be another fun year."

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Van Halen to miss Tremonti tour

Wolfgang Van Halen won’t tour with the band in support of upcoming album Cauterize, he’s confirmed.

Sevendust finish album No.10

Sevendust drummer Morgan Rose has confirmed the band have finished recording their tenth album.

Megadeth release Adler tease

Megadeth have posted an image of Lamb Of God drummer Chris Adler in a band shirt – adding to speculation that he's part of the band for their 15th album.

Sunday Old School: Running Wild


Disclaimer: does not support piracy of any kind and strongly encourages readers to buy their music and not plunder the seven seas. We do however, fully endorse any metal band who wants to base their image or lyrics around pirates, and there are a few. Pirates have become a popular topic amongst people over the past twenty years, thanks in part to successful franchises such as Pirates of the Caribbean and the Monkey Island games, so it’s no surprise that the drunken, debauched world of piracy found its way to the drunken, debauched world of heavy metal. It did so before either of the aforementioned franchises in fact and before bands such as Alestorm and Swashbuckle performed under the Jolly Roger, and most people would give full credit for the invention of pirate metal to a band from Hamburg, which were appropriately named, Running Wild.

The seeds of the band were sown in 1976 when members of the bands Granite Hearts and Grober Unfug began jamming together, eventually decided to form a new band with a new name. It seemed to be a relatively lengthy search as they didn’t settle on the moniker, Running Wild, until 1979, taking its name from the Judas Priest song of the same name. They released their first demos in 1981 and soldiered on for a few years this way, certain that their hard work would pay off. As luck would have it, it did, and they were eventually picked up by Noise Records, who released their debut album, "Gates to Purgatory" in 1984. Lyrically, the album was based more in fantasy and Satanic themes than the historical topics they would later adopt, though the record did feature a song entitled, "Genghis Khan."

It was a well received effort which was followed only a year later by the sophomore album, "Branded and Exiled," which also received a generally warm response. It was another record which focused on dark ideas, but this was soon to be dropped and Running Wild began writing more about pirates and historical themes, setting them apart from many of their contemporaries. This idea was debuted on the 1987 album, "Under Jolly Roger," with the title track and "Diamonds of the Black Chest," being two of the most obvious advertisements of their new sound, at least for those who hadn’t noticed the front cover of a pirate ship making its way through rough waters.

Once again, they followed one successful album with another a year, this time with their fourth effort, "Port Royal," emblazoned with a Jolly Roger on the cover, establishing their connection with pirate themes, in addition to the song, "Mutiny." It had other historic themes too, such as "Conquistadores" and the song, "Uaschitschun," the title coming from a Native American word for white people and loosely translating as, "ghost." It was followed in 1989 by what many fans consider to be Running Wild’s best album to date, "Death or Glory." It peaked at number 45 on the German Album Charts and resulted in their first home video release, which featured the band performing a concert in Düsseldorf.

Their sixth album, "Blazon Stone" surfaced in 1991, and according to singer, Rolf Kasparek, was their best selling album of the 1990s. It was another well received effort and that same year, the group released a collection of re-recorded early material entitled, "The First Years of Piracy," before a seventh album, "Pile of Skulls" was released in 1992. It sold quite well and remains a popular record amongst fans, paying tribute to one of the most famous pieces of pirate based literature, "Treasure Island," with a song of the same name. It went beyond the usual pirate themes however, and featured an underlying theme of corruption throughout the ages, pointing out that perhaps, not much has changed in the modern world.

Running Wild then tried their hand at lengthier storytelling, with their next album, "Black Hand Inn," being mostly concept album about a man named John Xenir being burned at the steak due to accusations of supernatural powers. Though it didn’t sell as well as some of their other records, it was able to break into the top twenty in Germany and earn a number of highly positive reviews.

This perhaps inspired the group to work on a much grander project, a trilogy of albums about the struggle between good and evil, beginning with 1995’s, "Masquerade," which is one of the groups poorest selling albums but was far from a critical failure., in contrast with their 1998 release, "The Rivalry," which was looked upon favourably by fans, but not so much by the critics, though it did mark an improvement in sales. The conclusion to the trilogy, "Victory," was not met with glowing responses from either fans or critics and is the only Running Wild not to feature any songs about or inspired by pirates.

Their next album, "The Brotherhood," returned to more general themes, including appeasing the grog swilling fans with a song simply entitled, "Pirate Song." It was received more positively by fans and was followed that same year with a live record, simply named, "Live." Three years later, Running Wild released their thirteenth studio album, "Rogues en Vogue," which sold quite well, even though fan reaction was pretty mixed.

Surprisingly, it was to be the group’s only album for some considerable time, as they appeared to focus on live performances, before frontman Rolf Kasparek announced in 2009 that the band was to split up, with their scheduled set at Wacken Open Air that year to be their last. Thankfully, the hiatus was brief, and after releasing the previously mentioned Wacken set on CD/DVD in 2011, Running Wild returned, with a new album, "Shadowmaker," their first in seven years, hitting the shelves in 2012. It was considered their best effort in a long while and reached number twelve on the German album charts, as well as performing well in Sweden and Austria.

Another album, "Resilient," was released the following year, but did not meet the expectations some fans had after its solid predecessor. It’s now been two years since their last album, and surely these heavy historians from Hamburg are already cooking up something for their next effort. Whether it compares with their previous works or not, it’s great that such a force as Running Wild didn’t lay dormant for long and that their back plundering stages as only they can.

Running Wild - "Branded and Exiled"

Running Wild - "Under Jolly Roger"

Running Wild - "Conquistadores"

Running Wild - "Bad to the Bone"

Running Wild - "Little Big Horn"

Running Wild - "Pile of Skulls"

Running Wild - "Black Hand Inn"

Running Wild - "Lions of the Sea"

Running Wild - "The Rivalry"

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Ollie Hynes has been a writer for Metal for four years and has been a metal fan for ten years, going so far as to travel abroad for metal shows.

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Thomas Giles Releases "Dutch Book" Movie Soundtrack

Composer and multi-instrumentalist Thomas Giles (Tommy Rogers) of Between the Buried and Me fame was recently tasked with putting together the film score for the movie "Dutch Book."

The film was screened this week at the Gasparilla International Film Festival in Tampa, FL. A trailer can be viewed at this location.

Fans that are into the Thomas Giles solo albums - "Pulse" (reviewed here) and "Modern Noise" (reviewed here) - as well as the softer side of Between the Buried and Me would do well to give the soundtrack a listen.

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We Have A Ghost Posts "Encounters" Album Teaser

We Have a Ghost, a post-industrial group led by the secretive Ghost, has unveiled a video teaser of the upcoming album "Encounters," containing audio samples of the album’s diverse styles.

In addition to mastermind Ghost, this album also brings back drummer Zia Uddin (The Mayfield Four, International Heroes, Modwheelmood) and adds Danny Ryder (Of These, Hope), AGW (A Great Weight), Ryan Colgan (Crepitus) and Steven Sheffield to the list, along with contributions by Chris Vaughn, Jonno Lloyd (Ventenner) and Vru Patel (Solarein) among others.

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Killer Reveals New Album "Monsters Of Rock"

Belgian outfit Killer will release new album “Monsters Of Rock” on May 21st via Mausoleum Records. The cover artwork is available below.

Killer is celebrating 35 years of we-take-no-prisoners hard rocking heavy metal on this seventh album, which was produced by vocalist Shorty and drummer Vanne. The track listing is as follows:

01. Monsters Of Rock
02. No Exception To The Rule
03. Shotgun Symphony
04. Back To The Roots
05. No Way Out
06. Danger Zone
07. Firestorm
08. Deaf, Blind And Dumb
09. Forever Metal
10. Children Of Desperation
11. Hold Your Head Up High
12. Making Magic
13. The Reactor
14. Rock City
15. Fake

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Haar Reveals New Album "The Wayward Ceremony"

Haar will release "The Wayward Ceremony" this coming April 27th via Aeternitas Tenebrarum. The label comments:

"A perfect representation of the Haar musical experience is the cover artwork, a distorted and hallucinated vision where a magmatic chaos comes to a primeval form, grabbing the listener to a trip into tunnels of subconscious perceptions.

"After year of nature based and fantasy-inspired themes the new frontier of the black metal evolution has been crossed by bands like Blut Aus Nord & Deathspell Omega and nothing will stays the same today.

"Haar's ambitious mission provokes the listener to try again to open their mind once again to the dark side, like it was done in the early 90 when this genre was still a revolutionary shock for the scene. We need a new beginning, to not fear this feeling to become surrounded by energies and feelings we cannot fully control and dominate, losing this formal stereotype to get the essence of this message.

"Do not escape the Wayward Ceremony, everyday life will soon become a vague memory."

The album's track listing is:

1. All Man's Redemption 05:22
2. Sow the Seeds of Decimation 10:48
3. An Animus for Altered States 08:40
4. The Burden of Perdition 12:02
5. The Wayward Ceremony 06:54
6. Coronal Mass Infection 09:38
7. Outro 04:35

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Isolert Releases "Isolated Soul" Demo

Greek black metal band Isolert just released a new demo EP titled "Isolated Soul," which is dedicated to the memory of Christoforos "Oliva" Ntinos who passed away in February.

You can stream all three songs below, or grab your own copy by heading to Bandcamp here. The "Isolated Soul" track listing is:

1. Secretum 03:39
2. Empty Memory (Hate for Mankind) 03:41
3. Isolated Soul 04:56

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